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A unique approach to IVR Applications
Audio and Speech enabled services are the operator's leading revenue generators. In addition to voice calls, Audio Services include IVR applications, Ringback Tone, Speech Enabled Mobile Search and more.

Subscriber Experience: Ringtone Purchase

What creates the subscriber's Ringtone purchase experience?
There are many ways to download a ringtone to the handset. Advanced users use WAP and HTML services to download ringtones, while others will prefer to download the desired ringtone through the known and familiar IVR application.

To purchase a ringtone by using an IVR application, a subscriber calls the IVR number and navigates the menu. After selecting a ringtone, the subscriber receives a validation SMS and downloads the ringtone to his handset.

Cellex Virtual Subscriber behaves like an actual subscriber. By choosing and downloading a ringtone, the Virtual Subscriber provides detailed measurements of the subscriber's quality of experience.

Subscriber experience: Calling the IVR number
When the Virtual Subscriber calls the designated IVR number, it verifies the availability of the IVR service and its response time. The operator can define a response time threshold according to the time of day.

Subscriber experience: Navigating the IVR menus
The Virtual Subscriber uses unique Voice Matching algorithms to validate that the correct prompts are played. These Voice Matching algorithms are language-agnostic and are not affected by background or line noises.

Subscriber experience: Selecting Options
The Virtual Subscriber selects the desired ringtone by pressing the phone keys (DTMF).

Subscriber experience: SMS Notification
When the IVR session is completed, SMS is sent to the subscriber for transaction approval. The Virtual Subscriber checks the content of the received SMS and the time it took for it to arrive.

Subscriber experience: Ringtone download
When the ringtone is downloaded to the device, the Virtual Suscriber verifies that the downloaded content is what was selected and measures the download time.

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