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Subscriber Experience: Video Streaming

What creates the subscriber's video streaming experience?
To play a video, a subscriber browses the video portal, plays the video and watches it, pauses and rewinds.

Cellex Virtual Subscriber behaves like an actual subscriber. By decoding and analyzing the decoded media, the Virtual Subscriber provides detailed measurements at the streaming (packet, frame) and the visual (image) levels.

Subscriber experience: browsing the video portal
To select a VoD program or to access mobile TV channels, the subscriber browses the WAP site. The Virtual Subscriber verifies the availability of this WAP site.

Subscriber experience: watching the video
The Virtual Subscriber measures the time a session takes to reach a stable state, where at least 70% of the video frames are displayed every second.

Subscriber experience: Streaming control
The Virtual Subscriber checks operations such as pause, play, and zapping delay.

Subscriber experience: video and streaming quality
Video quality problems can arise as a result of network conditions or because of the quality of the video itself.
Video Quality: To check for quality problems, the Virtual Subscriber checks for pictures' color problems, picture availability and more.

Streaming quality is monitored by collecting and analyzing data such as the average bandwidth for the entire session, the number of network packets that arrived and were lost during the session, and the percentage of video frames that are displayed.

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