In today's complex network and service delivery environments, monitoring network elements is no longer sufficient for guaranteeing the availability and quality of services.

To ensure successful services delivery, operators need to observe them from the most important perspective - the subscriber's perspective.

Cellex developed its cutting edge Virtual Subscriber to do just that.

However, we also took into consideration operators' need to understand the inside of a service.

To be able to foresee problems before they occur and to shorten time to repair, operators need to be able to view and analyze full service drilldown information.

The Virtual Subscriber is based on a full implementation of the intricate protocol stack of services. We have combined network, handset and content validation technologies to ensure that operators don't just know that there is a problem - they also know why.

The Virtual Subscriber is there throughout your service life cycle: pre-launch lab testing, NoC monitoring, and service and network upgrades.

Virtual Subscriber Automate
Virtual Subscriber Insight
Virtual Subscriber Proactive

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