Proactive Maintenance

Virtual Subscriber Proactive

With the rapid introduction of new services and constant changes in infrastructure, Field Testing has become a significant bottleneck. Cellex Virtual Subscriber enables rapid creation of service scenarios, for quick and comprehensive testing of new services and network upgrades.

Cellex Virtual Subscriber offers:

  • Reduced in-field effort by enabling remote testing and shortening testing times
  • The ability to create a multitude of service scenarios and check them repeatedly with every service launch or network upgrade
  • A quick and simple set up of new service tests
  • Single agent handles all type of networks: cellular, PSTN, Broadband
  • Service scenario simulation and full drill down for root cause analysis of failure

Virtual Subscriber Benefits:

  • Reduces time and cost of field testing
  • Efficient regression testing of network upgrades
  • Faster resolution of service problems for increased customer satisfaction
  • Modular architecture ensures solution relevance through network and architecture upgrades

How it works
Service scenarios are created using Cellex Service Modeler. Using the Cellex Virtual Subscriber Manager, the scenarios can be run at any time on any Virtual Subscriber. During their run, information and measurements are collected and recorded. In case of a problem, an alarm is sent to a network management system or any other predefined destination. The information that was collected is used for success and quality reports.

Cellex Service Modeler (Enlarge)

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