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Cellex develops and sells Cellex Virtual Subscriber, an advanced solution that emulates subscribers' service usage to provide comprehensive Quality of Experience information about every element of the operator's service: from the Voice, Data & Video services that a subscriber uses, to service billing, customer care and self service.

Cellex Virtual Subscriber provides Network Operators with a window to their subscribers' experience. By using services constantly, the Virtual Subscriber presents operators with direct and immediate information about services' availability and quality. The Virtual Subscriber is there throughout the service life cycle: pre-launch lab testing, NoC monitoring, and service and network upgrades.

As the complexity of network and service delivery environments grows, monitoring network elements becomes insufficient for guaranteeing the availability and quality of services. By emulating subscribers' activities, the Virtual Subscriber detects and reports service problems before they affect actual subscribers.

Adding services to the Virtual Subscriber is quick and simple, allowing operators to use it as part of any service launch. The result, shorter time to market and improved service levels, is crucial for maintaining the competitive edge in today's competitive telecom market.

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